Get a portrait of your special pet

Hey there!
I'm Jessica,
and I paint pets.


Custom Pet Portraits

Custom watercolor artwork that honors your special pet. Your portrait will be brought to life with great skill and care.


Artwork Prints

High quality prints on paper, metal, and canvas. Available in multiple sizes.


Learn Watercolor

Wanna take your watercolor skills to the next level? I'll show you all the good stuff, starting with a list of my favorite watercolor supplies.


About Jessica

I got my start at six.
My aunt showed me all the tricks.
Now I spend my days painting pets,
Watercolor as good as it gets.

Get Your Art On

Sometimes I get booked solid, and can't accept new commissions. If you don't want to miss out, keep in touch and I'll keep you in the loop. And I'll send you 10 printable coloring pages of my art, just for fun.

Get your pet in watercolor

I capture the emotion and personality of your beloved furry companion through custom watercolor art.


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