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Hey! I'm Jessica

Some things just fill you up. For me, that's watercolor painting.

Watercolor is like no other medium. It can be abstract and fluid, as well as controlled to accurately render intricate details. It is in the balance of these two qualities that watercolor shines.

People often describe watercolor as luminous. Oooo, fancy. This basically just means that watercolor has a light-filled quality. And it does. The white areas of watercolor paintings are just blank paper, and the colorful areas are rendered with a mix of paint and water to the degree the artist wants the paper to show through. Because of this, light penetrates to the very surface of the paper, filling the painting with a beautiful brightness. It's marvelous.

Personally though, I am drawn to watercolor because of it's fluidity. The paint runs and mixes and makes magic on the page. I love it.

I combine my love for this medium with my love for pets. It's hard not to feel joy when you see a smiley dog, or feel a kinship when studying the gaze of a cat. I want my art to honor these creatures, who provide us with selfless companionship.

And I want my art to make a difference. I am grateful that my art has helped the following animal rescue organizations raise funds for their work:

  • Paws & Claws Humane Society
  • Camp Companion
  • Small Bully Paws Rescue Squad
  • Doberman Rescue Minnesota
  • A Rotta Love Plus
  • Humane Society of Indiana
  • Amoré Pit Bull Rescue
  • BACB Unleashed
  • Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota
  • Pacific Pug Rescue

I wouldn't be where I am today without my aunt Meridith- a calm and gentle soul who showed me the ways of watercolor when I was a child. Or without my mom- my hard working family-oriented best friend who peaked my interest in painting pets through her work as a Veterinary Technician.

And my life wouldn't be complete without my husband, who makes me feel like I'm the only thing in the world he needs. He's super smart, just as humble, never raises his voice, and is always kind. I'm also blessed with two big-hearted offspring. Watching them grow into beautiful people is my greatest joy.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I'd love to connect with you. Reach out anytime: [email protected]

Other Fun Tidbits

Hobbies: cooking, knitting, sewing, and spending time outside

Movie: The Man From Snowy River

Musician: Cat Stevens

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